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Fire Door Safety - Do Your Doors Pass the Test?


Did you know you have a legal responsibility to make sure the fire doors on your work premises are maintained in accordance with current fire door legislation?

(The Regulatory Reform - Fire Safety Order 2005)

Fire Door Annual Assessment from Central Locksmiths Ltd

This Fire Safety Act informs us of minimum safety standards required to ensure fire doors in the workplace are compliant to safety regulations and advises that employers are automatically legally designated as the Responsible Person (RP) whose duty it is to carry out fire safety duties or designate an alternate on their behalf.

Why are Fire Doors Important?

Fire Doors act as a barrier and means of containing smoke and fire by preventing it from spreading too quickly so that people have time to escape in the event of a fire.

Fire Doors Save lives.

Never wedge open a fire door, or you could be risking someone's life

If you see a Fire Door propped open, SHUT IT.

What should be regularly checked on a Fire Door?

- The door should fit the frame without gaps

- Door seals should be clean and undamaged

- Hinges should fit correctly and securely

- The door should work correctly and fit easily into the latch/catch when closed

- Any locks levers or handles should be correctly fitted and working

- Hold open devices and door closers should be working correctly

- Vision panels should not be obscured

- Panic hardware on final exit doors should be working correctly

- Fire door signage / certification is visible

How often should Fire Doors be checked?

An annual inspection of each door should be sufficient unless damages occurs during day to day usage. However doors with a heavy flow of people may need to be checked and maintained more regularly.

As part of your Health and Safety procedures you should keep a record of your Fire Door inspection and any maintenance carried out.

This advice is simplified, it is recommended that you engage the services of a professional to carry out Fire Door Assessments and undertake any required remedial work.


Fire Door Assessment & Certification Service now available at Central Locksmiths Ltd

West Midlands Areas| Fire Door Assessment Service

For further information about Fire Door Assessments contact:

Central Locksmiths Ltd - Birmingham

Neil Meaden-Johnson 07860 455171 |

Our Engineers carry out at 12 point inspection on each fire door.

They record their findings and issue Fire Door Assessment Certificates once essential recommended fire door safety remedial works are carried out.

Best Regards,

Neil Meaden-Johnson

Owner / Central Locksmiths Ltd (Birmingham)

  • I'm a member of the Master Locksmiths Association

  • We undertake work for West Midlands Police

  • All our Engineers are Advanced DBS vetted


Central Locksmiths Ltd | 0121 359 4988


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