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Did you know burglaries increase by around 20% in Winter

5 Important tips for keeping your precious gifts safe this festive season.

1. Make sure your UVPC door has Anti-Snap Locks Fitted.

If your current door UVPC lock is not fitted completely flush to the door you are at risk of having any old style lock snapped off.

2. For wooden doors a British Standard Lock should be fitted.

Your insurance may be invalid if you don't have British Standard quality locks fitted.

3. At this time of the year space is limited but it is never a good idea to store gifts in your Car.

They won't be covered by your insurance if your car is broken into.

4. Is your garage or rear gate secure?

These kind of weak access points will be targeted by Burglars first.

5. With a lovely selection of gifts under your beautiful Christmas tree, can these be seen easily from your front window by passers-by?

Removing temptation from opportunist burglars is sensible.

6. Using a timer to switch lights on whilst you are out on dark evenings will give the impression your home is occupied. Even a small lamp can be used successfully with a timer.


For your own peace of mind |

Ask our experienced Locksmiths at Central Locksmiths Ltd (Birmingham) to carry out any works required. We are based in the West Midlands.

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  • Our company is West Midlands Police vetted

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