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Just Moved House? 5 Essential Tips for Home Security

Moving into your new home is a very busy time, lots to organise, set up and arrange. During this period don't forget about your home security, here are our top tips for safely setting in.

These simple checks and inexpensive changes are recommended to all homeowners by our Master Locksmith.

1. Front and Back Door

Check your front and back door has a British Standard Lock fitted. Your home insurance could be invalid if the locks used are not the correct standard.

UPVC Doors : Check the locks on any UPVC Doors to make sure they are the Anti-Snap type and replace if necessary. How to identify an Anti-Snap UPVC door lock

This check should be a priority because Burglaries from "snapping" UPVC door locks is on the increase.

2. Essential Lock Changes

Change the lock on your front door. Do you really know who has a copy?

  • The Estate Agent could have made an extra copy to aid with viewings.

  • Your Neighbours may have a copy, if they were friendly with the previous owner.

  • Babysitter?

  • Friends or family of the previous owner?

3. Back Gate

We recommend the fitting of a good/heavy padlock or mechanical coded lock onto your back gate. Anything that makes access to the rear of your home difficult for opportunists is always a very good idea.

4. Garages

Change the lock on your adjoining Garage if this give direct access into your house, because locks used on garages are often old and not used frequently but they could be an easy point of access straight into your home via an internal door.

Free standing garages or sheds should be made secure otherwise insecure ladders or tools could be used by to break into your home.

5. Windows

Have a good look around and check if there any downstairs windows without window locks and are window lock keys missing? It's a good idea and not expensive to get these downstairs access points made secure.

For your own peace of mind |

Ask our experienced Locksmiths at Central Locksmiths Ltd (Birmingham) to carry out any works required.

Be secure in our hands |

  • We have Advanced DBS clearance

  • Our company is West Midlands Police vetted

Find out more about our Security Clearance.

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